Alligator Gar Fishing

Take a ride in our flat bottom river boat equipped with Garmin LiveScope sonar, and explore some wild areas along the Trinity River. We are on the hunt for a MONSTER fish: the alligator gar. These fish can top out around 8 feet in length, and we regularly put fish in the boat that are 6 feet or longer. We use special rod and reel setups with 150 pound braided line! This is usually a 6-8 hour trip and can be a long day on the water. However, the chance at catching a fish weighing 100-200 pounds is worth it! This is one of our most exciting trips!

Fishermen of all skill levels are encouraged to try this type of fishing. Just hold on tight!!!

1-2 people $600

$150 per person for additional fishermen

$50 per spectator

Ask about overnight river camping trips!

Gratuity for guides and camp staff not included.

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