Have you had any serious injuries from hogs?

Wild hogs really tend to run away unless you corner them. If hunters don’t listen closely to instructions, they could run into danger. However, our guides make sure to keep everyone at a safe distance. We have had a few close calls. One hunter did not listen to instructions and walked in on the face side of a caught hog. It turned its head and grabbed him by the pants, just missing his leg! He pulled back and ripped his pants all the way to the crotch. See the video here around the 5 minute mark

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2 person thermal hog hunt

Thermal Hunt

All equipment provided

Unlimited hogs

Expert guides

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Hog Dog Hunt

Specially trained dogs

On-site transportation

Skilled dog handlers

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Quail hunting 5 e1693434056444

Quail Hunt

Trained pointers

Shotgun use included

Excellent quail fields

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