Is East Texas overrun with hogs?

We have a lot of hogs, but they are tricky to find. It isn’t like T.V. We have to work hard baiting and scouting to find them and get them in the open. Texas has the largest hog population in the US with an estimated 3 million pigs. We put out over 150 pounds of bait per hunt just to get them where we want them.

Ready to go hunting?

2 person thermal hog hunt

Thermal Hunt

All equipment provided

Unlimited hogs

Expert guides

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Hog dog hunting 3 copy e1693434081102

Hog Dog Hunt

Specially trained dogs

On-site transportation

Skilled dog handlers

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Quail hunting 5 e1693434056444

Quail Hunt

Trained pointers

Shotgun use included

Excellent quail fields

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