Why hunt hogs with dogs?

Wild hogs tend to bed down in the daytime. They will choose a spot with thick brush to protect them from the elements. Trained hog dogs can be put out on fresh tracks and find the pigs. This is the most effective way to find hogs during the daylight hours. Hog hunting with dogs is a thrill for hunters and can be super fun! Feral hogs are invasive in East Texas and can be taken legally with dogs and knife.

Ready to go hunting?

2 person thermal hog hunt

Thermal Hunt

All equipment provided

Unlimited hogs

Expert guides

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Hog dog hunting 3 copy e1693434081102

Hog Dog Hunt

Specially trained dogs

On-site transportation

Skilled dog handlers

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Quail hunting 5 e1693434056444

Quail Hunt

Trained pointers

Shotgun use included

Excellent quail fields

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