Hog Dog Hunt

This hunt is designed for the ultimate thrill seekers and hard-core hunters! Our team of bay dogs will be turned out on the scent trail of the hogs, and they will run until they find them. They corral the hog until we can send in a catch dog from less than 50 yards away. We follow immediately behind the catch dog and send a client or guide in to grab the back legs while another client dispatches the hog with a knife. These hunts can range over hundreds of yards. Hunters should expect to jog 100 yards. Getting to the dogs is urgent for their safety and our success.

This hunt is sure to make your heart pump!

Hog Dog And Knife Hunt

$800 (1 Person)

$475 Each (2 People)

$375 Each (3 People)

$350 Each (4 People)

$325 Each (5 People)

$300 for 6 or more

Gratuity for guides and camp staff not included.

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