Hunt Extras

Camp Meals

Come relax and forget about cooking when you are here with us. We offer hearty camp meals with our custom packages. We use antique cast iron, and even do some of our cooking over coals during the winter months. We feed our hunters well, typically with an entree, 2-3 sides, bread, and dessert. You won’t leave our dinner table hungry! If you are on a multi-day trip, we can also cook some of your harvest, if desired. Be sure to mention that you are interested in camp meals when we discuss your trip!


We are excited to offer our cabin for rent to our hunt clients. This cabin is situated on a beautiful property in the country. There is a private fishing pond with bass and sunfish. The cabin has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and bunk style beds (two queen, two full). This space is heated and cooled, has running hot and cold water, refrigerator, charcoal grill, single cup coffee maker, and more. Lodging is $200 per night.

Rifle/Pistol Range

If you love awesome guns and the smell of gunpowder, this is the add on for you! We will get out our unique guns to blast off some rounds at our private range. This makes a great addition to any hunt.

$150 per person. Includes ammunition. Extra ammo can be purchased for $1.00 per bullet or market price if it exceeds $1.00


Binary trigger AR-15

30 rounds

AK-47 drum fed shotgun

15 rounds

Suppressed 9mm pistol

10 rounds

Suppressed .22 with red dot optics

20 rounds

Judge .410 pistol

6 shots

7.62x39 5.5 inch barrel AR pistol with red dot optic

(10 rounds)

Sporting Clays

Our sporting clay range is set in a unique wooded area that provides fun for all skill levels. This is perfect for groups who want to burn some gun powder before their hunt. This activity is good entertainment and provides an opportunity to let-go from the day. Our elevated platform is about 10-12 feet tall and has two shooting bays. We throw clays from ground level all throughout the trees. We hope you have thick skin, because sporting clays is the best trash talking sport around!

Add it to any hunting or fishing trip for $75 per person, or get a package discount if you book it through our thermal hog hunt upgrade.

25 shots per person is included. Extra shells are $15 per box.

As seen on the high road with Keith Warren:

Sporting Clays with Team Swamp Stomp as seen on The High Road with Keith Warren


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