Raccoon Hound Hunts

Come experience a southern tradition with us in the swamps of East Texas. Our trained Walker Coon Hounds are experts at searching the big oaks and pines for raccoons. The dogs find a fresh track and run it until they “tree” the coon. Once they begin barking, we will make our way to the tree with powerful lights and a .22 rifle. Our hunters can then shoot the raccoon out of the tree.

Getting to see these hounds work will put a smile on the face of any outdoorsman and is a great hunt for young hunters, as well! Raccoon hunts are open October through March.

Raccoon Hound Hunts Pricing

One person $350

Two people $175 each

Three people $150 each

Four people $125 each

Five or more people $100 each

Gratuity for guides and camp staff not included.

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