Rifle Range Services

We have a 100 yard range that is available for rent to our hunt clients.
If you would like to bring your own guns and ammo for target practice, private range rental is $50 per hour.
If you would like to come and shoot some of our FUN guns, we can set up a package of your choice for $75 per hour plus market price on ammo. Our options for guns include binary trigger AR .223, AK 47 12 Gauge, Suppressed 45 ACP, Suppressed 9mm handgun, 9mm carbine, Suppressed 22 long rifle, 7.62x39 AR pistol with red dot and suppressor, etc… We also have a .22 range for kids that includes over 20 steel targets.
We have an elevated shooting deck for sporting clays. This is an excellent daytime activity for groups of any size and is a must try for corporate groups and bachelor parties!
We also offer private range time to sight in your daytime scopes as well as detailed instructional time if you have a thermal scope. We can mount and sight in almost any brand of scope.

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