Upland Bird Hunting

If you love constant action and the smell of gunpowder, we have got the hunt for you! At Team Swamp Stomp, we have a state licensed bird hunting preserve right here in Lindale, TX. Our hunting area is a mix of native grasses and planted grain sorghum. We will be hunting with trained bird dogs and experienced guides. Our primary target is the Northern Bobwhite Quail.

Shotguns can be provided by our guides, and ammo can be purchased at camp. These hunts typically do require some hiking. Good blue jeans or brush pants are recommended, as we might go through thorny brush.

15 quail per person will be stocked into the field. Upgrade your hunt for even more action by adding extra quail to the field. Your guides can release extra birds before your hunt to strengthen covey numbers and your success. Extra quail are $10 per bird during the early season and $12 per bird during the late season. All Bobwhite quail that are hit will be cleaned and bagged for you by our staff.

Quail are EXCELLENT table fare!

Quail Season is open October - March

Large group of quail hunters
4+ Hunters - $399 each
3 quail hunters
3 Hunters - $425 each
2 quail hunters
2 Hunters - $550 each
Single quail hunter in the woods with a dog
1 Hunter - $850

Gratuity for guides and camp staff is not included

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