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Four Hour Thermal Imaging Hog/Predator Hunt

Thermal trips are typically structured as “spot and stalk” type hunts that start just after sundown. We cover multiple properties during the night while scanning with thermal and night vision devices. Your guide will provide all the equipment needed for your hunt including AR-STYLE RIFLES, THERMALS, SHOOTING STICKS, ELECTRONIC EARMUFFS, and AMMUNITION. These hunts are great for young hunters as well. The difficulty of the hunt can be adjusted based on the group. Your guide can recommend clothing, footwear, and optional accessories when you schedule your hunt. Shot opportunities are presented in more than 90% of our thermal trips. If we don’t get you a shot, we will reschedule for free.

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Hog Dog Hunt

This hunt is sure to make your heart pump!

This hunt is designed for the ultimate thrill seekers and hard-core hunters! Our team of bay dogs will be turned out on the scent trail of the hogs, and they will run until they find them. They corral the hog until we can send in a catch dog from less than 50 yards away. We follow immediately behind the catch dog and send a client or guide in to grab the back legs while another client dispatches the hog with a knife. These hunts can range over hundreds of yards. Hunters should expect to jog at least a few hundred yards. Getting to the dogs is urgent for their safety and our success. 

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Falconry Hunt

The Sport of Kings awaits!

Experience a hunt like no other! Join our State Licensed Falconers on a hard to find experience, as you and your party take part in a falconry hunt for squirrels, quail, and other small game. You’ll learn about age old traditions and hunting methods, and you will see an aerial display you will remember forever. These hunts involve mild-moderate physical exertion through moderate East Texas Piney woods. This hunt is great for all ages. 

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Bow Fishing Lake Trip

Bow fishing is the trip for someone looking for steady action. On these trips, we skirt the grass banks day or night with bows that are specifically designed for fishing. We are legally allowed to shoot non-game species, such as carp, gar, buffalo, and bow-fin. You may see many other types of aquatic life on your trips, such as beavers, river otters, bald eagles, and many game fish. We have bows for ages 8 and up as well as ladies. We can take up to 4 shooters at a time. This is a great experience that is sure to keep everyone entertained.

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Alligator Gar Bow Fishing Trip

This is the hunt of a lifetime.

Our gar guide will do his best to put you on a 5-7 foot monster alligator gar. This trip usually requires a long boat ride and a long day of fishing. We recommend that shooters do a lake trip before going on this adventure to brush up on your archery skills. Kids are welcome, but more skill is required on this trip than the lake trip. These large fish fight like a freight train!

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Exotic Hunts

We try to give our clients a chance at everything that East Texas has to offer, but we take a step past that with our exotic hunt options. Through partnerships with high quality, local ranches, we can offer you a chance at animals that are native to places all over the world. These animals are challenging to hunt and make great trophies. You can find a trophy list on our pricing page. If you don’t see what you are after, give us a call to discuss it!

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Bass Fishing

Many of our hunters like to turn their trip into a cast and blast adventure. We have access to privately managed lakes as well as public water guides. For the skilled fishermen, we can target big fish with tougher tactics. For the newer fishermen, we can set up an easier and exciting trip for bass and pan-fish. We have boat and bank fishing available and can accommodate wheelchairs.

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Trapping / Hog Removal

At Team Swamp Stomp we provide relief to East Texas landowners from the hog destruction in multiple ways. We can meet you at the problem area to discuss the best method for the area and your budget for the project. In some cases (depending on property size) our services might be discounted or free! Our hog removal methods include, remote activated trapping systems, thermal imaging or hog dog operations, and trap rental. Our Team is very safe around livestock and structures, and we are sure to follow landowners/clients requests. Whether it is your family farm, or a pristine golf course, Team Swamp Stomp can help with your hog or predator problems!

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